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FouGen's Mission: To ensure young people do not get forgotten during the COVID 19 crisis. To assist them in accessing ongoing support NOW and in a FUTURE which looks increasingly challenging.

From Summer 2022, 800,000 school leavers and graduates will be entering into the job market. Sadly, COVID 19 means many of these individuals will be searching for opportunities during an unemployment surge.


An absence of action will only create further financial and social problems, and authorities are being challenged to provide additional support

FouGen is that support. Established in 2011, when global unemployment was at an all-time high, FouGen ( Found Generation) was established to create new pathways into work for the so-called “ Lost Generation”

At this time of crisis, FouGen is drawing on past experiences to support the next generation.

FouGen - COVID 19



We are campaigning for the future of apprenticeships, internships and paid work experience.

For some young people, these opportunities are the gateway to achieving social mobility, giving them the skill set and experience needed to excel in their career.


For over a decade, FouGen has built up an extensive nationwide hub of employers and partners, who provide a wide range of development opportunities. Eg Barclays Lifeskills , The Prince’s Trust, Channel 4 and more.

We outsource opportunities from our hand-picked providers that offer solutions, tailored to your constituency needs and push a strong geographical campaign in your local borough, that is targeted to young candidates that need these opportunities.






1)Identify the individual challenges effecting your location. EG, Girls in Stem , Social Mobility, Knife Crime, NEETS


2)Utilise the extensive FouGen network to uncover relevant development opportunities and ensure job seekers are positively contributing to their community.


3)Campaign Goes Live. A highly targeted social media campaign commences alongside live opportunities via the FouGen online board.


4)Campaign Report Delivered. Ensuring transparency and measurable impact.

Local Government Partnership

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