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Some past projects with our partners

Social mobility  

Facilitating elitist employer Cowdray Park in showcasing opportunities to young adults from inner-city London

There are two major business benefits in addressing social mobility. 


1. Diversity of Talent and Experience: A greater diversity of talent will lead to innovative ideas that will improve business activity. Ensuring diverse talent avoids the ‘groupthink’ mentality that can occur without a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. 

2. Talent shortages:  Globally,  38% of employers reported difficulties filling positions due to skills shortages, which has led to an inability to meet clients’ needs, reduced competitiveness, productivity and increased employee turnover. Companies need to be sure they are not inadvertently exacerbating this problem by shutting off swathes of a potential talent pipeline. 



Girls In Tech-  FouGen positive PR campaign presented to River Island. We were pleased to work with River Island encouraging more women to get involved in Tech roles



Diverse Recruitment - In connection with our valued partners, we have enabled large businesses including River Island, Arvato, Tiger Recruitment and Safestore to connect with a diverse and work-ready new talent pool. 



Inspiring Workshops- FouGen Founder Sandy Idigbe continues to deliver inspiring workshops to a diverse sector of young adults. In association with partners such as Bright Futures, London Youth and King’s College we can enable your business to access new talent before they even enter the pipeline. 



Tackling Youth Employment FouGen delivers our in-house "work-ready " workshops to third party institutions. FouGen was invited by London Youth & Big Lottery Fund to deliver a workshop empowering young people. The objective was to enlighten young people on their employment rights end provide a soft skills training session and CV workshop. Skills Session run by Sandy Idigbe and Tyler Roberts

During the event, Sandy Idigbe had the opportunity to connect with Phil Martin, Deputy Director for the Labour Market Intervention Strategy team and was able to shed light on the difficulties young people face finding employment.



Women In Parliament -  As part of a generation engaging around good causes, FouGen understands that it is not enough to simply have good intention but to actively campaign and create conversations about equality issues affecting young people.

Shoutout UK recently invited FouGen to speak at their Women In Politics Event held at the Houses of Parliament. Representing the voice of the next generation and raising the issue of ethnic women in politics.

Please click the link below for video 



Children poverty -  FouGen believes that you cannot be a true advocate for young people if you don’t get involved in the major issues which affect their lives. Recently attending an APPG discussion on child poverty in the UK, FouGen team sat alongside rapper and television personality Professor Green to evaluate policies and programmes aimed at reducing child poverty.



Knife Crime- In 2012 ITV  we connected with Reprzent Radio (youth-led radio station ) to discuss the effects of stop and search. FouGen founder Sandy interviewed a group of young boys to see how they feel about the policy and what they would like to change.

ITV News video link below



Gender Equality -

As founder and CEO of FouGen, a Social Enterprise pioneering new recruitment solutions for corporate organisations, Sandy Idigbe was keen to lend her voice at a BBC News discussion on the latest Hampton Alexander Report. As an entrepreneur dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential, Sandy is using her profile to create a more level playing field across industry, which includes the issue of Women on the Board.

The Hampton Alexander Report is an independent review body with the key objective of increasing the number of women on company boards. As a successful young entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio, Sandy is also a dedicated change-maker and represents the young voice on issues which affect their ability to succeed. 

BBC National News video link below






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