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About FouGen

FouGen is a network of donors & socially conscious companies, organisations and institutions incorporating CSR into their business. whiles giving back to the community.


FouGen was founded by Sandy idigbe in 2011 we support young people into the workforce and campaign for climate change across the globe. 

How We Can Help You

Help Others

At FouGen we have had a hands-on approach since 2011; we have been assisting companies and individuals in leaving a legacy and giving back to the community around them.


1) Positive PR PACK -  For Businesses: Get featured on our social media platforms

2) CSR Collaboration - For Businesses: Collaborate on an event and make an impact

3) Donate - Support our Climate change program as we plant trees & Solar projects

4) Donate - Make a direct impact in the life of disadvantaged young people 




Creative design. Contemporary art collage of employees working with laptop. Teleworking. O


The messages a business sends to their audience has never been more important.  FouGen doesn’t believe that Positive PR should simply be some well-placed words and a great picture.


We create bespoke actionable plans which really have an impact on the business, the employees and the wider community surrounding the organisation.

Our Clients 



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