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The Prince's Trust x FouGen

The Prince's Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30-year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.

The Prince's Trust has helped 86,845 young people to set up in business since 1983. The Prince's Trust offers Enterprise Online, to enable 18 to 30-year-olds to explore becoming their own boss, learning at their own pace with dedicated support along the way.

The Prince's Trust partners with FouGen to connect amazing, willing young people that have previously gone through their 'work ready' workshop.

The Prince’s Trust then directs them over to our service to support them every step of the way to gaining employment in their chosen field.

We are constantly in attendance of their monthly workshop particularly supporting underprivileged young people, which is one of FouGens key values.

Via our established partnership programmes, we proudly donate 10% of our profits to The Prince’s Trust and FouGen continues to enjoy learning of the success of the young people we have worked with.

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