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The Amsterdam Edit-

Elite Exclusive Travel's need-to-know guide for visiting the city of canals.

Embarking on a trip to Amsterdam can be a versatile experience for all travelers of different tastes. For art and history buffs, there's no shortage of museums to pique your interest as there are over 50 museums to frequent during your stay in the "Venice of the north." As you stroll or bike ride through the red-lit canals, venture to the Van Gough museum to experience the beauty and celebration of his post-impressionist art in a spacious setting. One of our top stays for visiting Amsterdam is The Nobleman. Nestled in the buzzing "9 streets," the luxury boutique offers a unique urban and modern approach with warmth and dark aesthetics. The bathrooms are lined with marble and gold or bronze finishes, and the detailed ceilings, curved woodwork, and unique lighting choices bring a romantic feeling to this boutique stay. "Where History meets Luxury" is the design concept crafted by the hotel by repurposing antiques that represent the Dutch Golden Age to highlight history while encapsulating the experience of luxury.

If you choose to venture slightly beyond the red lights and the canals of the city center to Park Frankendael (a 17-minute drive), you can opt for a truly unique dining experience hosted by Restaurant De Kas in a garden conservatory. Restaurant De Kas's motto is "harvested in the morning, on your plate in the afternoon." Serving up seasonal menus that reflect the changing seasons and their local harvest, they showcase 300 varieties of house-grown vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Here they let the fresh produce sing and use meat and fish to complement the Mediterranean flavors of their fixed menus, however, full vegetarian or vegan menus are available upon request. Eat to taste and explore the senses on your palate as you venture through the stories of De Kas's gardens, heart, and soul.

As you wander down the streets and canals, consider taking an open-roof ride through the canals to explore the heart of Amsterdam. Even though this is a bit touristy and there are a lot of tourist trap boat rides, this is one of the best ways to see Amsterdam at dusk, especially in mid-October to mid-November to see the orange and crimson leaves and pink-colored sunsets. Opt for an open boat setting that offers blankets, a minibar, and experienced tour guides that can flat you through the history of Amsterdam, Star Board Boats is a great option for 25€ per person.

Another fun activity is booking the sky lounge for cocktails and snacks to properly enjoy the view of Amsterdam from above. Located on the rooftop of DoubleTree by Hilton near Centraal Station, this is a prime location bussing with dutch nightlife and topnotch views from the 11th floor.

Amsterdam's beauty can be seen so differently in the eye of every beholder. Some go to Amsterdam for its famous coffee shops, some go for art and history, and some go just for a cheeky peek down the red-light district. No matter what pulls you to the city of canals, you are sure to have a fun experience with local people, cuisine, stays, and experiences. Venture through the floating flower market, sightsee through the 50 museums, eat your way through Rozengracht or the Foodhallen for different cuisines, or if it's up your alley enjoy some party favors. No matter what you're into, Amsterdam has got it ready for you.

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