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River Island x FouGen

FouGen and River Island held a consultation designed to attract new and more diverse talent to the RI HQ base in Hangar Lane, London.

During the discussion, Nebel Crowhurst ( Head of Development at River Island) informed FouGen that part of the problem in attracting talent for roles based at the HQ was the location, presumably because people looking to work within the fashion industry seemed to seek out more trendy London hotspots.

As part of our action plan, FouGen introduced River Island to the Prince’s Trust and facilitated recruitment.

We also arranged to create a series of events which would attract young people to the River Island HQ. The intention was that potential employees would experience the modern vibe of the office and aspire to work there. There was a particular focus on attracting females into Tech roles and this was supported by our innovative job advert.

Following the interview process at River Island, unsuccessful candidates are directed to the FouGen website and encouraged to take positive action in reference to interview skills, work experience and confidence.

“We’re excited to see what we could be collaborating on with you and will be in touch shortly ourselves with how we want to kick things off.” Hannah Clarke, Talent Partner

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