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Recruitment Revolution

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Recruitment has been ripe for revolution for a number of years. A lot of this change will be affected by the advancement in TECH, however innovations are also apparent in the human interaction of the recruitment process.

When we talk about the stats, we are of course referring to the traditional markers of talent, eg exam performance, university attended, degree attained. However attention is now switching and a focus is being turned to individual skill set, experiences, personal challenges and individual potential. It brings a more human element into recruitment and benefits the employer by creating a more diverse workforce.

To connect with this future talent pool many companies are actively forging connections with schools in disadvantaged areas or organisations working with people from low socio economic backgrounds. However this can be a slow and arduous task, but some niche recruitment solutions are already offering this service on behalf of their clients.


Employers are now waking up to the advantages of change, which enables access to more talent with diverse backgrounds. When it comes to social mobility, Politicians may talk the talk but as a company, your organisation has the potential to cause real change.

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