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Global Celebrities Pledging to Stay at Home

Across the world, superstars are adding their names to a life-saving commitment to remain at home during the COVID-19 crisis. The #IStayAtHomeFor initiative encourages us all to remain at home to fight the spread of this insidious disease.

Kevin Bacon kicked off the movement with a clever spin on his popular Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon parlour game AKA “Bacon’s Law”. This is based on a concept which proposes that any two people on Earth are merely six or fewer acquaintances apart – a scary concept given the context of the COVID Pandemic! Mr. Bacon encouraged his followers to share the hashtag with at least 6 friends, asking them to remain at home to fight the spread of COVID-19 – and the celebrity world soon got on board.

Ariane Grande, Miley Cyrus, and David Beckham are among some of the stars who have jumped on the bandwagon, spreading awareness to their tens of millions of followers, by encouraging them to share about who or for what they’re staying at home during the crisis. Posting pictures showing the hashtag and listing their reasons for staying at home, we can all take some inspiration from their efforts.

, writing on Instagram while spending time with his miniature donkey and pony (yes, you read that correctly), said: “The important thing is that you stay at home, don’t go out, don’t go to restaurants, we don’t do anything like that anymore here.”.

Taylor Swift expressed concerns about seeing people still attending social get-togethers. She cautioned against people simply assuming that they won’t pass the virus on to the elderly or vulnerable.

David Beckham, remaining at home for wife Victoria and their kids posted a sweet picture, saying “Staying at home for the ones that we love. Thank you, Kevin Bacon for nominating me. I'm staying at home for Victoria and our kids, including Cruzie who's made his way into this photo. Let's stop the coronavirus spread together.”

As the #IStayAtHomeFor movement gains global traction, it is important for us to remember to subscribe to what the initiative is trying to achieve. Remain at home as much as you can. The #IStayAtHomeFor movement also encourages us to enjoy this opportunity to be with family.

As we adjust to life under lockdown or ‘remain-at-home’ orders, people are coming to terms with different challenges in the face of this social upheaval. Some celebrities have used the platform to spread a message of positivity – very important in these times. Icons of the entertainment industry including, Lady Gaga and Lizzo have shared their thoughts on ways to remain calm and positive, while Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber, and Blake Lively all encouraged us to give back during this time by donating to various charities.

As we see the global superstars making a difference, it reminds us that we too can play our part during these unprecedented times. Some of us face bigger challenges than others, some are taking this time to reflect, and others to make a difference. But the message is simple - stay at home. Together, we can all take a stand and change the trajectory of this pandemic.

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